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    Again, I know this is not a major issue, but when I try to watch trailers on the Red Box website with my Note 3 the trailer will not play, just a spinning wheel, my Note 2 plays them picture perfect. All the other videos on my Note 3 are great on this awesome screen. Any ideas on this? The website is for renting DVDs, you order them and pick them at the Redbox. This is a Verizon phone as is the Note 2. As previously noted {no pun} trailers will play on the Play Store app, not the web page, but the quality is awful on the downloaded app, where as my Note 2 plays them in full HD. Any Ideas?
    I spent some time waiting for an order at best buy the other day and wandered over to the phone section.I tried this on the display Note 3 and it behaved just as mine. Two salesman came over and one had a Note 2 the other had a Note 3. Same thing, Note 3 didn't play them and Note 2, no problem. When I left they were still working on this.Any ideas on this? This is not a major deal, just wondering if any of you have an answer. If you have rooted your phone do you have this problem? The rest of you who have a stock phone try it out for yourself here.


    I love this phone, and other than a little weakness the reception, I see myself keeping it for 2 years.
    11-15-2013 12:48 AM

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