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    Suddenly my Note 3 had a very strange anomaly. I had never put a lock-ie password of any kind on my screen. Suddenly the lock screen showed up at every wake up from sleep, with a required password to open up and use my Note 3. The pass word screen also said "Emergency Message-Verizon Wireless". I manged to guess the password and open the phone but it was a pain. Took a lot of work (ie hours) with Verizon to get phone back to only requiring a swipe to use the phone. The only recent thing I did was add a WiFi hotspot app to my phone, from the Play Store. Verizon believed this addition to be the issue, but the phone no longer recognized me as the administrator of the phone and all the controls to delete the password needed to open the phone were locked out. Verizon believed Samsung had suddenly become the administrator of my phone?? Verizon guy said Samsung has some sort of lock out to prevent a WiFi hot spot app that is not their SW to stop working in some fashion. Was on the phone with a great tech services guy for two plus hours-he was very knowledgeable. We tried many things but in the end only a hard factory reset eliminated the issue and only after we deleted the new WiFi hot spot app (from the Play Store).

    The Verizon tech rep walked me through carefully (this took a long time) saving everything so when pone finally restarted after the reset, I had almost everything needed and everything worked almost. Took me 3 hours to get the phone organized back the way I had it. I did lose one browser's bookmarks, but there were only a couple of dozen. I was able to sync another browser,_Firefox to my laptop and recover all my Firefox stuff, including about 50 bookmarks and a few unimportant web site passwords. We both just forgot about saving the bookmarks before the reset. Later I had to call Verizon back twice again as I could not get the My Verizon app to tell me my usage to determine how many Gbytes were used in this fiasco. We finally had to stop Synchronization Services to get the My Verizon app to work. Then when I needed my contacts today, they were not there, and had to call Verizon again. This time Sync Services had to be turned back on and the phone connected to a WiFi system to recover my contacts-just the opposite of the advice from the new Verizon rep over the phone.

    Verizon says my current service is not qualified to use my phone as a WiFi hotspot and they believe that is partially the cause of the issue I had. They say I can tether the phone via cable to a laptop or other but not do a WiFi hot spot. I had an unlimited data plan (since they were created years ago) til this phone update a few weeks ago. I have an old service which I kept but lost the unlimited data in exhange for 6 Gb of monthly data. My service has a calling limit of minutes and no text messages allowed-which is OK because it is cheap. When I purchased the phone I was told since I was giving up unlimited data usage I now got WiFi hot spot service for free. Verizon has done a flip flop. They are now saying that since I took the 6 Gb special for giving up unlimited data, I gave up WiFi hot spot usage for free. Not a big deal if the tethering via cable works to my laptop when needed. I also have a Verizon Jet Pack with a lot of Gb data (14 Gb) avail and the WiFi hot spot I tried to add on the phone was really just for emergencies.

    Has anyone else run into these kind of issues?
    11-16-2013 02:25 PM
  2. Haalcyon's Avatar
    Ouch! That was painful just to read let alone go through in person. I'm glad you got just about everything back and all is okay now. All's well that ends well.
    11-16-2013 02:52 PM

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