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    Has anyone here used Flashify for Root Users on a Verizon Note 3 to make backups, and if so, did you have to install SafeStrap first, or just install this app to install a recovery and then make your nandroid backups?

    My N3 has been rooted since forever, and I have the SafeStrap apk file on my SDcard as well but never installed it because I was not too crazy about it altering my phones startup (with the new splash screen that you need to use to opt into recovery). Therefore, I'd appreciate anyone that could give me some insight on the current process for making backups of a VZN N3 these days considering this new update to Flashify which looks very interesting.


    P.S.- Also interested in TWRP and if the newest version has FINALLY included the USB/OTG option that it used to have which allows you to write your backups right to a USB drive using a OTG cable? I contacted the dev months ago who said that feature was being worked on, but had no idea when it would be included. Anyone know if it's in there yet? This is critical for me since my backups are usually 5-6GB in size and I don't currently have that much room available without using a flash drive.
    01-24-2014 12:05 PM

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