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    I bought this amazing piece of hardware back in January (full retail) as I upgraded from a BB. Up until two weeks ago I have loved this phone as 4G has made my year.

    Two weeks ago I started having serious reception problems. I'd have three or so bars of 4G then randomly it would drop to 3G (2 bars) then nothing. If I walked around my house five feet I would have 4G again then back to 3.

    I called vzw here in town and they told me to do a hard reset (I did last Thursday) and that got me back to 4G for the day. Next day it was back to the same old tricks. I just called vzw again and they said bring it in to swap out sim cards.

    Any idea of what the problem can be? This phone is critical to my small business and I cannot afford calls going to vmail.

    Is there a booster out there I can buy that will help this problem?

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    03-10-2014 10:47 AM
  2. mattjbv's Avatar
    I am having the exact same problem and have no clue why.
    03-11-2014 05:22 PM

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