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    I rooted my Note 3 and it was working great but I was having a few bugs so I reset my phone. After the reset the bugs are gone but for some reason I cannot log into my Gmail account through the "Google" account. I have been forced to use the "Email" account. I cannot access the play store and have resulted in using the 1Mobile Market. I have attached a screenshot of what comes up on my Note 3 when trying to log into my gmail. I have tried this multiple times on 4G and 3 different Wifi networks.
    Attached Thumbnails Rooted my Note 3---cant log into Gmail/Play Store-screenshot_2014-04-25-11-23-59.jpg  
    04-25-2014 11:42 AM
  2. JJJC1110's Avatar
    Make sure the time and dates are set correctly

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    04-26-2014 02:50 PM
  3. thall7's Avatar
    Both are accurate. I am thinking a hard reset might fix it.
    04-28-2014 07:59 AM

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