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    So I upgraded to KitKat a couple of days ago - not like I had a choice (lol), throughout day my phone kept getting "update splash screen" and only options were to cancel (screen appears again short time later) OR schedule an automatic update at a time selected.

    But now I am getting a SIGN IN REQUEST (via google play services) daily for...

    "Gallery would like to: Picasa Web Albums"

    Only available options are CANCEL or OK. If I select CANCEL it remains in my notifications screen. I killed it via Task Manager yesterday to stop it from appearing in Notifications - BUT it is back again today.

    Is there another way to stop this request? Am I missing something? Have I signed up unknowingly to Picasa Web OR just more "lack of choice via Google ToS?" (Like the 2 new apps that appeared on phone after update)

    Thxs in advance...

    ~piloting a s-pen on my galaxy not far, far away ●
    05-22-2014 10:17 AM
  2. jpr's Avatar
    In the Gallery, press Menu -- Settings -- your Google account and turn off sync for Picasa or photos.

    Also, do Menu -- Content to Display -- uncheck Picasa if it is not already unchecked.
    Ryyus and beh like this.
    05-22-2014 10:53 AM
  3. Ryyus's Avatar
    hi, thanks for information - I located method AFTER I posted in Forum.
    I was going to DELETE the POST but not finding a way to - only edit etc
    05-22-2014 10:55 AM

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