1. Mikee Rock's Avatar
    So I updated my Verizon note 3 to kitkat. I also factory reset before the update to run into as little issues. The batteries great and everything however there's one thing I noticed.

    Once I put my s view cover on, as well as the spigen slim armor view, the phone starts getting stutter lags. They're absolutely horrible to look at. Anybody have a fix? I tried everything from turning off pedometer and weather settings for the s view but nothing worked.

    Oh ps. The s view worked flawlessly on 4.3 jelly

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    06-11-2014 09:38 PM
  2. jcampbell1070's Avatar
    I got the Samsung s view case and I haven't had any issues

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    06-11-2014 11:29 PM
  3. cwbcpa's Avatar
    I've been using the S view cover on my Verizon note 3 as well. Have not had any issues at all. I assume you have probably already restarted the phone more than once so the next step I would take would be to reset the phone and start fresh. I know it's a pain but that would be my next step. Good luck.

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    06-12-2014 08:36 AM
  4. Mikee Rock's Avatar
    Restart my phone even though I just factory reset it? Ouch

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    06-13-2014 01:44 AM

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