1. david.karr's Avatar
    On my Droid4, I used the "SemiSilent" app to let my ringer ring for selective contacts when the phone was silent.

    On my Galaxy Note 3, I have tried every "whitelist ringer" app I can find, including SemiSilent, and not a single one works. I put the contact to test in the whitelist, set the phone to silent, put the phone face down, and call the phone from the registered contact. Nothing. I pick the phone up after disconnecting the call attempt, and it shows a missed call. Every app I've tried behaves the same way. No ringer.

    I've been corresponding with the author of the "SilentManager" app, to see if we can figure out why this is happening. He hasn't found any clue. I'm the only person who's reported this problem.

    I'm sure this has something to do with the features on the Note3. I might have some setting enabled that is making this not work, and I've gone through everything and tried toggling (and testing) features that I think might cause issues (like air gestures). Nothing I've tried has made any difference.

    Note that I set the phone to silent using the "Volume Toggle (Free)" app. I use the "Silent" profile that sets all the bars to zero.
    09-26-2014 11:32 PM
  2. lterry913's Avatar
    Did you try sound profile manager https://forums.androidcentral.com/e?...token=HZvK8MZM instal and set a profile for night for example...but leave the ringer on the volume you want for allowed calls. Then go into phone settings and set up your blocked or allowed called and texts and the time parameters.
    Samsung does not allow for separate volume controls of texts and calls...if you silence the calls you silence everything unless you use the right sound profile app.
    Hope this works for you as it works great for me.
    I have a profile set up for Work, Home, Night,Silent and have created a shortcut widget for each mode so that I can just press the little 1x1 widget and my sound settings go to what I have selected.
    This app has never failed me...good luck.
    09-27-2014 11:17 AM
  3. david.karr's Avatar
    What I've concluded but not verified yet is that the whitelist apps I've tried didn't deal properly with the "media volume" being set to zero. At least one of the app authors is working on verifying this. I also realized that the two different alarm apps that I've used deal properly with this. I set my phone to completely silent (all 6 volume levels at zero) and alarms I've set to fire play the media I want, with the volume I set for it.
    09-29-2014 11:47 AM
  4. lterry913's Avatar
    There are a few apps like the one I mentioned above that will allow separation of ringer and other notification sounds...I think that is the only way around the problem you have. Set up a sound profile with an app like sound profile manager and then white list your contacts see if it works...I set mine up in 5 minutes and it works great.
    09-29-2014 01:45 PM

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