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    About a month ago my husband had his note 3 in his front pants pocket while he was running. He tripped and fell and landed on the pocket his phone was in. The screen is not cracked, or even scratched, but the phone did suffer some jarring in the fall. From that point on, even when plugged in on the charger, the phone will not turn on. There's no LED light power indication, no vibration, no screen image, it's just dead.
    After doing some research, I disassembled the phone. When I took the back plate off the phone I noticed the LCD flex cable had disconnected from the motherboard. After reconnecting it and checking to make sure all other cable connections were secure, I reassembled the phone. Still won't turn on, even when it's plugged in. I tried a hard master reset as well, nothing happened. The battery looks to be fine, as well as all components of the phone. Can somebody please point me in the right direction?

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    12-13-2014 12:20 PM
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    Ok, here are pictures of the phone in the stages of dissassembly. The LCD flex cable was disconnected as pictured below when I first took off the back plate. I reconnected it and checked all others and reassembled the phone.

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    Attached Thumbnails Note 3 won't turn on. . .-20141213_122111.jpg   Note 3 won't turn on. . .-20141213_122150.jpg   Note 3 won't turn on. . .-20141213_122205.jpg   Note 3 won't turn on. . .-20141213_122217.jpg   Note 3 won't turn on. . .-20141213_122555.jpg  

    Note 3 won't turn on. . .-20141213_122646.jpg   Note 3 won't turn on. . .-20141213_122608.jpg  
    12-13-2014 12:32 PM

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