1. PoisonDarts8714's Avatar
    For this:
    Screen off,
    Phone should be in deep sleep
    WiFi OFF, LTE on (if you have LTE Discover please note whether your phone is on XLTE (band 4) or LTE (band 13) This is important but not mandatory as maintaining an XLTE connection indoors takes more energy.
    Sync can be on or off but if it is on please tell me _what_ you have set to Sync.
    Note signal strength or bars.
    Would prefer you were on 4.4.4 and as close as to stock as possible.

    I'd like to gather some statistics. I would like to see your battery drain overnight while you sleep (please note the number of hours) while the phone is connected to LTE only.

    If possible, I'd suggest going to bed with a 100% charge just to make it easier to log drain per hour. I would like something to compare my use too.
    01-27-2015 10:51 PM
  2. PoisonDarts8714's Avatar
    Day 1 (WiFi) 8 hours 31 minutes off charger: 89%
    Day 2 (WiFi) 6 hours 10 minutes off charger 92%
    Screen time for both is around 1 minute. Android System and Cell Standby highest battery consumption. GSam reports similar. Phone is reporting as going to sleep. WiFi scanning, Mobile network switch are off. All bloatware disabled including Google+ & Google Now.

    Will start logging overnight LTE. Point of this thread:within the last week I started getting numbers like this on WiFi. Not related to any update. Have reset, pulled battery. No obvious wakelocks. This is probably just me being obsessive..It wasn't but a few weeks ago that overnight I'd wake up to 98% even six hours off the charger on WiFi. LTE seems better but I have no proof. Will try tonight. If there is a grave difference, I will reset.
    01-30-2015 02:50 PM

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