06-25-2013 08:37 AM
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  1. dchawk82's Avatar
    Moving on from the Galaxy Nexus. In all honesty, if the S4 wasn't available, I'd have no problem still using my rooted GNex. It's been a great phone.
    06-23-2013 12:47 PM
  2. ca4oline's Avatar
    Congrats to you! I'm glad you were able to work it out online, too; I am rarely around another phone line I could use while they do "troubleshooting" with my DROID. Any pointers on chatting?
    06-25-2013 08:01 AM
  3. paintdrinkingpete's Avatar
    I have had a RAZR Maxx for the last year or so and have been having issues with it since the beginning. I had to have it replaced twice already due to issues with the battery life as well as the camera. My phone was updated to JB in April and since then the phone has become useless. It takes 5 seconds for apps to open and several minutes to complete a simple browser search. Often times the damn thing just freezes up.

    My husband's line is due for an upgrade on Aug 22 of this year, so I decided to call Verizon (*611 from my phone) to see if they would give me an early upgrade to get the Galaxy S4. To my surprise, not only did I have success with the first customer service rep I spoke too, but she also upgraded MY line which wasn't due to upgrade until Feb 2014 and let my husband keep his upgrade! I was shocked to say the least since I had done my research prior to calling and most threads said to be prepared to be on the phone for HOURS and have to speak with multiple reps and supervisors. The whole process took me all of 15 minutes. They shipped my phone the next day and I should be receiving it on Monday!

    So I don't know if my experience was just a fluke, or if it helped that I have been having documented issues with my current phone, but I'm quite pleased with the outcome. If you do decide to call in I just recommend having a good attitude and be very honest about why you would like the early upgrade. If it doesn't work out with one rep, then it doesn't hurt to try again with another, or ask to speak to their supervisor. The trick is to get them to WANT to help you. I've also heard that it is almost impossible to get an early upgrade at an actual brick and mortar store and that the only way is by calling in. With their 2-day shipping you will have your new phone in no time at all.
    Fluke indeed. I've successfully talked them into early upgrades before, but never that far ahead of schedule, and definitely not with considerable more persuasion.

    Your experience may be a fluke. I had a Galaxy Nexus which has documented issues in the Verizon tech department. They swapped my sim card, then swapped the whole phone, nothing helped the radio issues. They refused to let me upgrade even if I paid for it. They offered me an iphone 4 for $400. They also offered me a blackberry bold. I told then no on both accounts.

    Walked into a brick and mortar yesterday and upgraded to the S4. My contract is up in may of 2014. Paid the upgrade price like it wasnt an issue at all. Took 20 minutes. Weird.
    Monkeyzero, what do you mean when you say "upgrade price?" My last upgrade (a little over a year ago) was my final new-every-two discount so I don't know the fees now. But I definitely am interested in the S4 as my Droid 4 (this is my second one) is a real piece. Congrats on your success getting a new phone!
    When buying a phone with Verizon, there are 2 prices: The "full retail" price and the "2 year contract" price. The latter is the subsidized pricing where you pay less for the phone up front, and then pay off the rest over the course of your 2-year contract (it's built-in to the plan). If you pay full retail, you have to pay a lot more for the phone, but you are buying it outright, and therefore a 2-year contract commitment is not required.

    The "new every 2" plan used to provide additional savings *on top of* the subsidized 2-year contract price, which has now been discontinued. Once you are eligible for an upgrade on your account, you can upgrade at the 2-year contract price, but ONLY by extending your existing contract another 2 years. You may also at any time upgrade your phone at the full retail price without having to renew or extend your contract (this is what many folks wishing to keep their grandfathered unlimited data plans are forced to do).

    Typically, as phones get older, the subsidized price drops, however the full retail price generally remains constant.

    EDIT: One thing to note is that even though phone subsidizes are built into Verizon's plans, there is no discount to your plan should you choose to pay full retail, so you're essentially paying more every month (because you're paying the same amount as someone who is paying off a subsidized phone, even though you are not). This is why T-Mobiles new plans are quite appealing to many, because they've separated the plan charges from phone lease, allowing you to choose between paying up front or paying over the course of time.
    06-25-2013 08:37 AM
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