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    I bit the bullet today and ordered a new S4. I love my 32 gig S3, but the deal was too good to pass up. $50.00 off from Verizon, $100 off from Comcast and Samsung will give me $180 (on a debit card) for my S3. Now, I've got to get comfortable with only 16 gigs on the S4.....

    I have a 32 gig card in my S3. This card started out in my Samsung Charge and then I just popped it in the S3. I have about 11 gigs free but I need to transfer some pics and a couple of Samsung Media movies off the S3's internal memory to my card. I was wondering if I should back up what I have on the SD card and then re-format the SD before I start using it in the new S4? My thinking is I would get a clean start with the SD and could then re-load my pics, movies and music.

    Would I get more available space by reformatting the card to remove any other files that might have been put there by the Charge and the S3? I appreciate any thoughts.

    05-20-2013 08:00 PM
  2. ibcop's Avatar
    I have always formatted my SD Card in the new device. It may not matter in the large scheme of things but I copy what I want to keep from my old device to my computer, then format the card in the device and push everything back over. It certainly can't hurt.
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    05-20-2013 08:19 PM
  3. japetty's Avatar
    I just remove it from my old device and put it in the new device. Never had an issue with my SD's. I did purchase a new 64gb later when I found it on sale at Best Buy online for $38.00 with free shipping. Just put it in my computer copied the files from my phone's old SD which had moved from my old phone to the S3 then pulled it out and placed the 64gb to the S3. I will just move it from the S3 to the S4 32gb internal memory phone when/of I get it from VZW.
    05-20-2013 09:42 PM
  4. richs10's Avatar
    Thanks, guys. I guess I'll reformat it just to make sure, especially since I had a lot of apps saved to the SD card when I had the Charge. I suspect there is a lot of stuff on there that neither the S3 or the S4 can access anyway.

    Is there anyway to save the data from my apps (not that I mind having to start over with Angry Birds!)? I have the app to back up my text messages. Is there a similar program that could save my app data? What about the stock browser's bookmarks? Any way to save them?

    BTW, ordered the phone at about 2:30 today and FedEx Memphis already has it. I'm pretty excited!!
    05-20-2013 10:50 PM

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