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    Just a quick question. Ive got a Galaxy Nexus that works great and I am still happy with, but am watching the GSIV closely, hoping that the following will happen:

    1. Developers will find a way to completely unlock the bootloader.
    2. I can flash the stock Android ROM from the Google Edition phone onto the Verizon GSIV, allowing me to continue to enjoy the stock android experience of my Nexus with the better hardware of the GSIV.

    I know there may be a developer edition of the GSIV released for VZW, but I have multiple upgrades available and would rather take the free subsidy of the carrier edition.

    However, I know stock android may be considered bland and was just curious if people would be willing to share their favorite feature of Touchwiz on the GSIV?

    Would anyone go as far to say that after using Touchwiz, they will never use stock android again?
    05-26-2013 07:16 PM

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