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    In the settings for the Samsung Messaging app, I turned on the "call back number" option to see what it did (it appends "CB: x" where x is your phone number to every text). I turned the option off, but now all incoming texts have the same string appended with the sender's number, and I can't find a way to turn this behavior off. Tried deleting a conversation, but new texts from that person still get the CB text appended. Tried clearing memory for the app, no effect either.

    The string seems kind of pointless, since the app itself has a button at the top of the screen to call the person you're texting with. Anyone know how to make this go away?

    Edit with weird observation: CB only seems to be appended to messages from people who I had texted with during the brief period when I had the option enabled. And I've deleted old message threads where I was sending the CB text, but new messages from them have their CB.
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    06-01-2013 06:57 AM

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