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    Has anyone tried this combo yet? I just got the dongle and find that it's generally a pretty reliable device (depending on any nearby interference). But, the Netflix app is way off when it comes to the audio being synced up with the video. The picture quality isn't too bad, with occasional frame drops, but every time the audio is about 2 seconds behind the video. I've tried different TVs and HDMI cords as well as temporarily inserting headphones, but it's always out of sync. Strangely, as soon as I put the headphones in, the audio stream is stopped to the TV and redirected to the headphones. Over the headphones it will be perfectly in sync. But as soon as they are unplugged, the audio stream to the TV is off again. Youtube works great, and remains in sync. Most other apps with audio and video are pretty close, but some are way off like Netflix. Anyone else with the S4 having issues with Netflix?
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    06-07-2013 02:35 PM
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    Can't say anything about Netflix but I sometimes notice this on HBO GO and MAX GO. The issue is resolved by using the 11 pin USB HDMI connector and bypassing the wireless.
    06-07-2013 06:46 PM
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    Thanks. I'm going to order the mhl adapter. Do you think it's worth keeping the wireless dongle based on your experience using it with the s4?
    06-08-2013 05:40 PM
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    I still use the wireless adapter for various other things.

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    06-08-2013 05:51 PM
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    This thread is old, and I have an S5, but what I'm about to share is relevant to this thread.

    For about a month or so Screen Mirroring has been broken for the one App that I primarily use it for: Netflix streaming via the Netflix App. I have spent hours/days/weeks troubleshooting and researching the problem online to find no answers posted. I have even, regrettably, factory reset my phone in an attempt to find a fix. The carrier's Support and Samsung Support were baffled. After much personal troubleshooting on my own I finally found that the problem is not with my phone, not with the carrier, but with the Netflix App update recently pushed out. The update had no warning to End Users that the update would break functionality on existing devices and so the End Users accepted the update, unknowing that it would devalue the App as a video content provider from that point on.

    In an attempt to secure licensed content, Netflix App developers added HDCP code to the App which broke compatibility to any device that does not have code that supports HDCP, such as the Samsung AllShare Cast dongle and the ActionTec wireless dongle.

    Screen Mirroring with the Samsung AllShare Cast dongle or other such device will continue to function perfectly with other Apps, such as the YouTube App and Flixter App, but will no longer work with the Netflix App.

    Netflix Support states that the Netflix App developers have no plan to fix the break and have no plan to provide a patch to support what they referred to as "old tech." According to Netflix App Support, devices which support HDCP, such as the $1500+ Samsung TV, the Visio TV and Google ChromeCast dongle ("Quantum Leap" technology), will continue to work with the Neflix App, at this time. There is no known End User-side workaround, that I have found and I do not believe rooting the phone will do any good at all, since the problem is with the Netflix App and not the phone itself.

    I hope this helps the next person. I bought a MHL to HDMI adapter (Rocketfish) and this will work, but it is not wireless. I have tried the Google ChromeCast in the past, but the device would not work without a connection to the Internet through a WiFi router and we do not have an Internet connection (other than my phone) at my house (we live in a rural area with no broadband provider).
    02-21-2017 07:26 PM

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