1. cceller's Avatar
    First, I apologize if this is the wrong forum but I did not see an accessory forum.

    I purchased the xProDock for Samsung with 9ft charge/aux-cable for my S4. Great device in most regards but the issue I run into is ... I come to the car with Bluetooth enabled to allow for handsfree use. If I plug into the dock with Bluetooth on no sound comes through my speakers (say Pandora for instance).

    If I turn Bluetooth off everything works great BUT then I have no hands free access.

    iBolt points to Samsung firmware as the issue.

    Any suggestions on being able to use the dock and handsfree in the car? By a Bluetooth earpiece? Or, am I missing some settings somewhere (I ask this because without the dock Navigation does not speak turn by turn when Bluetooth is enabled and paired with the car.


    06-10-2013 04:18 PM
  2. Race Director's Avatar
    Your wanting to use both aux out and bluetooth at the same time? Ditch the aux cable and just stream bluetooth.
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    06-12-2013 10:04 AM
  3. cceller's Avatar
    Race Director, is the sound quality as good?

    The reason I ask and you probably know more ... I had the phone connected via the cable with the Bluetooth still paired and could hear the music via the Bluetooth and it just didn't sound as good (I know it was via Bluetooth as I unplugged the cables and it kept playing).

    Maybe that is the best route ... I just don't have all of the Bluetooth settings right?

    Thanks for taking time out to answer.
    06-12-2013 10:38 AM
  4. cceller's Avatar
    Thanks - this worked out great!
    06-14-2013 04:38 PM
  5. paintdrinkingpete's Avatar
    Sorry to revive an older thread, but I was looking to get a dock for my S4 and had a similar question...

    Currently I have my phone setup with both phone and audio via Bluetooth, and it works very well. Reading the OP's question I was wondering if BT audio still works with the supplied cable (which has both aux and USB out to the car from the phone's USB port). I realize I couldn't use both at once as the OP pointed out, but I was wondering if simply having the dual-cable plugged in would prevent BT from working, even if I don't have the aux connector plugged into my truck?

    Anyone using this dock with the supplied cable can tell me if BT audio still works?
    07-08-2013 03:22 PM
  6. steveknj's Avatar
    I'm still trying to work this all out too. I can stream Google Music and get my directions as long as I am on the BT audio settings in my car, but I can't get ANY audio for Turn by Turn unless I have that setting, so if I want to play through the iPod using my iPod cable, I cannot hear the BT transmission through my car speakers. I don't know if using the aux cable will fix that or not. The other option is to use WAZE for Nav since that has an "always use phone speaker" option.

    Also, I know this dock came with the short dongle cable and the long cord (that has the aux out cable attached to it. Does either cable somewhere attach to the dock or do they attach to each other?
    07-12-2013 03:34 PM
  7. Race Director's Avatar
    Wish I could help but I'm not using the audio/charging cable. I just use my old micro usb charger.
    07-12-2013 04:03 PM

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