1. Kiersten_Kress's Avatar
    is it bad for the S4 if I connect it to the TV and watch streaming video every single day?

    streaming from phone to HDTV makes the phone get hot.... and the frequent connect/disconnect can possibly damage the USB connector faster?
    (is either of those covered under the Samsung warranty or Asurion warranty throuh Verizon?)

    or am I worrying too much?
    07-05-2013 03:45 PM
  2. MikeLip's Avatar
    I have yet to damage the USB connector by normal connect/disconnect, and I am one of those OCD types that gets nervous then below 80% The higher temperature might lower long term battery life since batteries don't like to be hot, but that's not an immediate worry. You might want to try simply plugging it in, or getting an extended battery. The paralleled batteries in the extended pack ought to cause it to run cooler since the heat loss is spread out more.
    07-05-2013 08:00 PM

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