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    Switched back to an iPhone 5 not long ago because of the support of fitness apps. I run everyday and use my phone as my GPS, HRM, and music. My Note 2 which I LOVED was just too big. My iPhone 5 has worked great for me but miss Android. So now the S4 32gb is coming I want to put my order in but worried about Heart Rate monitor issues as I did have issues with my Note 2. I never got a Polar H7 to work with the Note 2. The only HRM I could get to work was the Zephyr HxM. I still own it but have been using the Polar H7 with the iPhone which has worked great. Three big questions before making my order. Does the H7 work with the S4? If not how well does the Zephyr work? And the final question any idea when the Samsung Health stuff comes out? Looking at the Health band and HRM.
    07-05-2013 11:36 PM

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