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    Yesterday I was intermittently going through this forum and other web pages. Somehow 6 pages got opened. when I tried to touch the number icon in the top right corner so I could close them, the browser did not respond. I power cycled my phone and still had the same problem. The only thing I could figure out to do after also trying force close the browser and clear data was a factory reset on my phone. In the unhappy event that this happens again, is there any other way to close all pages in browser or reset it to only the home page? I may be the minority, but I like using the air gestures with the browser. The only bright side of this is getting the Wifi toggle. Woop de doo!

    I think some pages opened ads that started sucking resources as well, even though I have blocked pop-ups.
    07-16-2013 05:08 PM

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