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    Received an OTA update from Verizon yesterday, and now have the ability to save apps to the SD card. But I think there may have been a change to the default calendar as well (which I assume is a Samsung app?). The old calendar app had a convenient button at the top that allowed me to quickly tap and select or deselect any calendar from displaying. The new calendar has removed this convenient button and now selecting or deselecting a calendar involves delving into several layers of sub-menus in the settings. There isn't an easy-to-find setting to return the former button, either, at least not one I can find. Has anyone else experienced this? Is there perhaps an easy workaround that I've just missed?

    This makes it significantly less convenient to display my wife's Google calendar for planning purposes and then remove it again for tracking my own appointments.
    07-16-2013 08:46 PM

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