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    Hello Android/ Galaxy Community.

    I tried researching my issues before posting so if there were any double posts about my inquiry, I apologize in advance.

    Regardless of what you think about the Galaxy S4 or the new update, I would only like constructive comments in helping to solve these issues I have with my current phone.

    Issue #1. I have tried to "wipe cache partition" on my S4 after the VZUAME7 update using the recovery booting process but after indicating that it is erasing-- "error" appears. Why?
    I have not modified or have rooted my device. It is just the plain Samsung Verizon version. Is there any way to wipe the cache partition without factory reset or using any modified programs?

    Issue #2 My S4 memory is looming past 800 MB of usage (830-840). Is this normal after the update?

    Issue #3 I have done a factory reset using the menu item "Reset Device." My S4 had an available storage of approx. 9.08 GB but immediately changed to 7.56 GB. What should the normal application storage size in the
    storage menu be immediately following the update? (Not the miscellaneous files)

    Issue #4 After I applied the OTA update for my Galaxy S4, I am finding an annoying gray bar to the right of the "enter password" box in the lock screen. It only appears briefly and I tried to research whether I screwed up
    settings or whatnot.

    Any available help, insight, perspectives, or information regarding my issues will be greatly appreciated and I hope that the android community is content in using their Galaxy S4 like I am.
    07-17-2013 01:48 PM

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