1. NYMedic15's Avatar
    I searched for this and could not find this exact problem:

    So, I use my phone to receive notifications of calls in my district. These come from an email that I have set up as a contact with the name Dispatch and are sent to my @vtext. My issue is even though I set up a distinct message notification for this "Dispatch" contact, when the text comes in on my S4, the alert that is triggered is the default notification, not the custom one I had set up for it. I tried with the built in messaging app, Handcent as well as Go SMS Pro. None will trigger the distinct notification. My previous Androids had no problem with this and it seems like a silly thing that the S4 should be able to handle.
    07-28-2013 06:37 PM
  2. Khalahad's Avatar
    I and a coworker are experiencing the exact same symptoms. We have our NetworkMonitor@domain.com sending us alerts to our @tmomail and @vtext numbers respectively. Since it comes through as NetworkMonitor@domain.com, even though it sees it as contact "Network Monitor" that we have a custom notification set up for, it still only plays the default sms alert when a message comes through. Since we have control of the sending server, we added 555-555-5555 as the mobile number on the "Network Monitor" contact, then told our server to send the message as 555-555-5555@Tmomail.com, and when we got the message, it looked like it was coming from a phone number (+555-555-5555) and played the custom notification.

    So it seems if you receive an SMS from something the S4 sees as a phone number, it will play the custom alert for the contact, but if it only sees it as an e-mail to SMS message from just an e-mail address for the contact, it plays the default tone.
    08-01-2013 04:07 PM
  3. Phil Hollows's Avatar
    Hi Khalahad, can you post the exact form of the "from" address you used (ideally at the SMTP level)? I have been unusccessful trying to convince my S4 to see the incoming text as a phone number to trigger the cistom notification. I'm a VZW customer so using vtext.com

    11-24-2013 05:01 PM

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