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    earlier today my email app was working and had received emails. i saw that i had 4 emails in the notifications bar but only had 2 notifications on the email app. i went in the app to refresh the app and nothing came as well as the time stayed at 12:01 the last time the app recieved emails apparently. i deleted the emails and then try to refresh again and now it stays on loading. i have tried deleting the account all the email settings and nothing. now the app doesnt display my inbox or spam folder it just says on the sidebar display all folders and nothing is loading or syncing. in the settings app under micosoft excahnge under accounts says the last time it sync was at 3 the last time i updated and readded my hotmail account. i can still receive emails online when i login from my computer but i cannot receive any emails by phone on wifi or 4g. can i fix this online somehow? im not sure if its the phone.
    08-14-2013 02:45 PM

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