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    I was using a generic I-bolt phone holder/suction cup for my old GNEX. A very simple and reliable product.
    It was a bit of a tight squeeze with my new S4 and incipio 2 layer case, so I ordered the I-Bolt XProDock Active from Shop Android.

    This is a very well thought out product. It holds the S4 in just about any sized case, but the unit itself is fairly low profile, with a ratched arm/holder on top and two feet on bottom that extend depending on the width of the case. The phone slips in and out fairly quickly. As a bonus, it has a split usb charging cable. On one side, a cable from the car power source threads into the back, it couples with a small cable that plugs into the phone's USB port. That cable is stiff, but flexible so you can set it to the right position to fit into your phone.

    I downloaded the simple/free docking I-bolt Docking app. It gives you a homescreen in the horizontal orientation allows you to pick favorite apps to put on the screen. It's pretty straightforward, you can exit out to get at your regular homescreen,.

    The phone will be securely held in horizontal or veritical orientation(unlike my old generic which only held horizontal). The suction cup never comes off the window and the position of the phone holder can be easily adjusted by loosening the screw collar.

    I have to give a shout out to the folks at Shop Android. I bought this and some other stuff a couple weeks ago. My first Ibolt Pro had a broken cable, the little tip was broken off and could not couple with the other cable. I e-mailed them. Within about 2 hours they send me an RMA with return label. They sent me a replacement almost immediately, so I didn't have to do without the dock. I felt that I was really being taken care of with great customer service and will continue to buy accessories from them
    09-12-2013 04:48 PM

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