1. sakamonk's Avatar

    I just switched from iphone to android and I have mac osx 10.5.8 and when I connect it to my computer it won't show up on my desktop.. Can anyone help please? I don't know what to do!
    10-13-2013 01:13 AM
  2. Hghlndr's Avatar
    Sakamonk: hey I'm on a macbook pro 13" with OS 10.7 connecting my stock S4 with OS 4.2 via AirDroid, available for free on Google Play.
    It works seemlessly via wifi, a browser, and a QR code... pretty cool actually! No need for cables or BT. It's simple.... leave samsung's Kies and all the other apps behind.
    Try it, you'll be happy you did. Good Luck!
    10-14-2013 10:44 PM

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