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    Most of this is standard boilerplate to many of us here, but since there are always threads that pop-up right after an update is released, just figured I'd post some helpful info...

    • ROOTED Users

      1. If you are rooted and get prompted to install the update, it is probably best to defer for now. For one thing, rooted phones can cause unexpected issues when installing updates, so it's probably best to check the forums here to verify that there are no issues with bricked devices or anything like that.

      2. *IF* you are rooted and want to keep it that way, this advice is even more important. Until an update is out, it's never known exactly whether root keeper apps will be able to preserve root, or if there will be a way to get root back if you lose it...and if you install the update blindly, you WILL lose root. It's possible that if you really want the 4.3 update, your only choice will be to lose root to get it, but if you wait a few days you may find there are some additional options available for getting the update and keeping root as well

    • Battery Issues and Other Bugs After Update (Non-Rooted Users)

      It's very common that after OTA updates many folks will experience a drastic loss in battery life and/or other bugs (certain apps crashing, random reboots, etc). Usually, this is caused because OTA updates simply install the updated files on top of you existing data, and while this is nice because you don't have to restore all of your data after the update is completed, the chances for errors is much greater. IF you have problems such as the this, the first recommended step will be to backup your data and do a factory reset of your device. Yes, I know this can be a real PITA, but it honestly does clear up the majority of post-update issues, should you experience any.

    Anyway, I tried to keep this brief just to get the info out there. New updates can be an exciting, but sometimes it's best not to dive head first into murky waters.
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    10-29-2013 09:01 AM

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