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    My S4 will not keep any ringtone I set for calls no matter what app I use. I can get handcent alone to have a custom tone, facebook, and email. Otherwise the phone resets to the stock ringer and tone within minutes of me changing it. Whether I do it through settings, or handcent or Audio Manager Pro.

    Also when it gives you options of what app to use to open certain things i.e. youtube and you ask it to use youtube every time my phone resets that as well.
    Clicking on a phone number it asks if I want to use the phone or Skype or Lookout, I have picked phone and "always" multiple times. Then the message pops up of how to go into applications etc etc to change it. Well it just resets every time and I have to pick phone again, or I have to pick youtube "always" again.

    Can anyone help with this? Granted the phone is still awesome and I love it this is driving me nuts. I can't figure out if it is an app causing this or an issue with software.
    10-30-2013 12:49 PM

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