1. BillDennes's Avatar
    My brand new Galaxy S4 has the 4.3 OTA update installed.
    I have Droid experience but am a total GS4 noob.
    My PushToTV 3000 has 2.4.19 firmware. I also have the V.2.2.9 and V.2.2.16 downloads.

    Here's how my problem happens:

    - The PTV-3000 displays a "ready for connection" message on the TV.
    - When I enable Screen Mirroring on the phone, the PTV-3000 shows up on the phone as an Available device.
    - When I tap the screen where it says "Tap to connect" the phone displays a box titled Screen Mirroring that says Connecting.
    - After about 45 seconds a new box also titled Screen Mirroring displays this message: Failed to connect via Screen Mirroring and shows an [OK] button.
    - No explanation of the failure is displayed.
    - While the error message box is displayed, the screen still displays the PTV-3000's information in the background.
    - When I tap OK, the PTV-3000 is still there, discovered but not connectable.

    So what did I do wrong?
    Is there a way for me to view details of the error just in case I have a few days to spend with Linksys support (ha, ha)?

    Please help me get tis working.

    I have tried this with my phone connected to the 2.4 Ghz channel of my router and also to the 5 Ghz channel, which is where I prefer to connect it.
    10-31-2013 03:53 PM
  2. ZenInsight's Avatar
    Yes. The 4.3 update stopped the PTV3000 from working. Netgear and Samsung need to chat and fix this. It worked fine with Android 4.1
    01-18-2014 08:27 PM

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