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    Chromecast bug: I have a Samsung galaxy S4 on Verizon, that I am using as a mobile 4G hotspot for two devices: first is the Chromecast that is attached to a TV via HDMI, and also to a Windows laptop running the chrome browser. I intend to use the Windows laptop to control the display on TV. I turn on mobile 4G hotspot on the Samsung galaxy S4 that creates a Wifi network called SCH-1453023A0 and I setup a password for it. Both the Chromecast and Windows laptop are able to setup and connect to the SCH-1453023A0 network but the Chromecast drops off and does not show the Wifi connected icon, and the Chromecast app on the Windows laptop keeps saying it cannot find any Chromecast on the SCH-1453023A0 Wifi network. This is a bug with Chromecast in my opinion. Please have this fixed.
    12-12-2013 05:31 PM

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