1. Marisa S's Avatar
    Ok so I have a verizon galaxy s4, I inserted my at&t SIM card and figured out how to make the texts and calls to work. Now the problem is the i cant get any data. Can somebody please tell me what I need to do to make this work? I heard i would have to root it? How do i do that....
    01-13-2014 12:12 AM
  2. eldean's Avatar
    Go to network settings and add the at&t apn settings.

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    01-13-2014 01:42 AM
  3. rsadalarasu's Avatar
    Do you get the incoming call numbers properly, means the format of the number. I m also using Verizon S4 with AT&T and getting incoming calls in the following format +2015428653., due to which my contacts name is not coming when I receive a call. Just curious whether you are also facing the same problem.

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    01-13-2014 10:55 AM

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