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    So, I have a VZW GS4 SCH-I545, stock, running JB. I use 8SMS (ver 1.29) as my messaging app. This morning, I received two texts from a friend, to which I replied about 90 mins later. Out of the blue, I get weird responses which indicate that the messages didn't go to my friend and went to someone else. When I got to work, I asked her if she received my messages, and she didn't. I've responded to her number again and haven't yet received a response from the unknown person.

    Has anyone ever seen this? Is this an issue with VZW, with 8SMS, or my GS4? Or is it with Sprint (her carrier)?

    Kind of upsetting that messages might be going to incorrect recipients.


    EDIT: I did receive responses from the unknown recipient, who is located in another state. My friend's phone has been getting text messages from unknown numbers, so it must just be her handset. One was pretty funny -- "OMG!! Dad is wearing the same pants he was wearing Monday. I'm gonna vomit!!"

    This could get interesting.
    03-27-2014 09:44 AM

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