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    I am posting this hoping Samsung sometimes browses these discussion boards. I found a bug but Samsung helpdesk can't tell you any more than reboot the device for every problem.
    My setup: 2 voice dictation languages Russian and English, using stock Samsung keyboard. Google voice typing is set to Automatic.

    When I press on the microphone when the Samsung keyboard is open (typing SMS for example) it takes me to the "Speak Now"/voice dictation screen but it always expects me to speak English, never Russian (The dropdown box above the red mic always says "English(US)" ).

    How it should work:
    If the English keyboard is selected it should expect me to speak English, if the Russian keyboard is selected it should expect me to speak Russian. This works properly like that with the native Jelly Bean Google keyboard so why doesn't it work with the Samsung keyboard?

    Either google API for Google Voice Typing doesn't allow to specify which language to switch to or Samsung never bothered to pass the parameter in which language the dictation should start.

    If anyone has information on that I would appreciate it, it's driving me nuts.
    04-06-2014 11:33 PM

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