1. cpizzull's Avatar
    After having my S4 for months, I still can't get Touchdown contacts to copy over to my 'device'. I research, try something, and give up for another month, ha. So, here's my situation summary....

    Have an S4 (Verizon) that is up to date, although it says only 4.3.
    My Zimbra/Beehive contacts(ie. from work) come over perfectly in Touchdown.
    Touchdown is the only account set-up for syncing contacts(no google, no nothing).
    I 'Copy to Phone', from Touchdown Contacts, and it goes thru 'Inserting....' and finishes.
    When I go to device Contacts, and change the 'Contacts to Display' to Device, or even SIM, nothing shows as having been copied. If I leave it on Touchdown, they all show up just fine. The problem with that, however, is I can't add photos to contacts. No big deal but would be nice for the phone to function like my Galaxy Nexus did.
    I've even tried the following numerous times, which a coworker used for a similar problem:
    1. With Android Version 4.3 I found out there is quirk on the Android forum at Google.
    2. You have to shut off the synch for Google contacts and any other contact synching you have and if you have SD card back up what is on your phone
    3. Go to the Apllication manager and flip to the right to ALL
    4. Look for Contact Storage and Contacts Synch, click force stop and click clear data
    5. This clears the Native contact database.
    6. Restart the phone
    7. Go to Touchdown and contacts. Refresh Alll then do a Copy to Phone
    8. Go to Android Contacts...low and behold Touchdown contacts show up!
    9. Go back to contacts on phone and click on menu then accounts. Click google and check box for synch contacts; say sync now
    10. Any other contact syncing you have you must do for contacts.

    So again, all I want to do is copy my Touchdown contacts over to my device so I can then attach photos to contacts. :o)
    04-17-2014 04:40 PM
  2. cpizzull's Avatar
    Am I missing such an easy workaround that nobody will tell me? ;o)
    04-27-2014 11:41 AM
  3. tpgchina's Avatar
    Hi... did you ever get this issue resolved? I have the same problem


    06-24-2014 04:56 PM
  4. Nudnik_de's Avatar
    I have the same problem with Touchdown contacts for years. Never found a solution!
    What I did is to install a sync tool on my Outlook on the Windows PC. It syncs my Outlook contacts with Google contacts everytime I start or close Outlook. My phone syncs both accounts touchdown contacts and Google contacts. I just make sure that there is never a sync between google and touchdown on my phone. I also have deactivated the option copy to phone. Otherwise it would generate duplicates.
    09-10-2014 04:48 AM
  5. dsteinschneider's Avatar
    I used go contacts sync mod - it's on sourceforge. First I followed the steps in the above post to clear contacts storage and turn off any contact sync except touchdown. I then turned off contact sync in Touchdown just to make sure I didn't confuse things while setting this up. Also permanently turned off copy contacts to phone in Touchdown. Then I restarted the phone and opened the dialer and went to contacts to make sure only those few that come with the phone f(rom verizon in my case) were there. Then I installed Go Contacts Sync Mod in Windows. I confirmed an Outlook prompt that I wanted to allow the addin to access my data. Then I checked Sync Deletion, Prompt Deletion, Sync Contacts. I used Outlook to Google Only. I also checked Run Progam at Startup, Auto Sync and Report Sync Result in System Tray (keeping that on for the beginning to remind me to look at what it's doing - will probably turn off later). I left Sync Interval at 120 minutes. I then went back into Accounts on the phone to my gmail and rechecked sync contacts.

    I'm not sure if I will turn Touchdown contact syncing back on just to keep things simpler on my phone. Probably will as long as I can figure out how to make sure they don't show up when I'm in the dialer contacts.
    11-14-2015 11:26 AM

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