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    Turned in my corporate GS3 (Sprint) yesterday. Got a new, personal use GS4 today at Best Buy - really like it so far. Funny thing at BB: They have a mini-store in the local mall, so I went there to get the phone and the new single line $60 plan. The only BB person there was a hairball Asst Mgr, and he said he could not find the single line plan in BB's system and could set me up with only a more expensive shared data plan. At my urging, he accessed the Vz site and found the $60 plan there, but he claimed that BB was not participating in that plan??? So I left and drove 2 blocks to the main BB store. The young "Mobile Consultant" there knew everything about the $60 plan and showed it to me in their system! The best part was: The GS4 was $1 with a new plan, and Samsung has a promotion with BB that any new Galaxy ph comes with a $50 BB gift card! So, I left BB with a new GS4, the plan I wanted, and a $50 gift card!
    05-16-2014 09:23 PM
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    Hey Sgooter, me too, new here, new carrier Verizon, and new Phone GS4, I have a SG Reverb, was a no contract Virgin Mobile, support was great, Carrier was Sprint, Carrier I did not like, paid $35.00 300min. talk-2.5 GB data- Free unlimited text. I loved the plan, but not Sprint.
    Went to BB yes, the phone was $1.00 for me too, but said BB could not do the $60.00 plan, BB said no such plan, I showed Robert of BB, he made one phone call and bam, the $60.00 plan was mine now.
    I love the GS4. Does your Phone get warm or hot? I did a test on Temp. I have a Digital temp gun, and put a Temp. Widget free from the Play Store. Widget is about 3-4 degress difference lower than the Temp. gun I put the temp gun center of the Google box top of screen, at Idle 77deg. watching a movie 87deg. Now heavy Browsing for about 1/2 hr. 96 deg. widget, temp gun 101 deg. at screen. I saw it get one time at screen 106 deg. on screen, but did not get any hotter since more testing.
    I went to BB today and Robert BB said I have 3 days left of the window to try a brand new one from the box. while I was waiting, I watched a Movie 86 deg widget, and browsed some 90 deg. widget.
    He got back to me and asked me go for the new one or not, I said no, I do know Samsungs phones will get real warm. I'm using Jelly Bean 4.3, I'm not going to do the KitKat for all the tea in China.
    Over all my S4 is 99.99% good. Enjoy your S4, I am.loving it.
    05-16-2014 11:17 PM

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