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    I usually watch a YouTube video or two before falling asleep each night to wind down the day. The videos I was watching last night were part of a playlist. Probably not the smartest idea to fall asleep in the middle of one, but I did.

    Now, as a general practice, I turn off mobile data and auto network switch on my phone when I am at home because I've had close calls in the past with my data being eaten up without my knowledge. There should have been absolutely no way for mobile data to be activated during the night, yet I woke up with several data usage alerts and found my data usage to be 1.93/2.00GB! My data cycle just started yesterday too, so until June 16, it appears I am S.O.L. for the time being.

    I would really appreciate any help as to why this happened when precautions were taken to make sure it didn't, and/or if anyone else has had similar experiences.


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    05-17-2014 07:01 AM
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    Make Sure your phone is not combining your WIFI Data and Network DATA! Other Then that...There is NO WAY this should have happened :/ And it sounds Cliche... But Turn off your phone, remove your Battery, and SIM (If you have one).. Wait a minute, and then put it back together and turn it on and see if the data counter still says what it does
    05-17-2014 06:47 PM

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