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    Been reading the forum for several months since purchase of a Mustang with Z3 installed. Wanting to mirror my Galaxy S4 to the Z3 screen. Bought this cable on Fleabay:


    Mirroring Galaxy S4 to Pioneer AVIC Z3-_57.jpg

    Power the cable through the usb, hook video(yellow), audio(red&white) to the video in RCA's on back of unit. Set the settings to video on, external off. Getting awesome sound but picture is colored lines static, it is getting something because when you change the screen on the phone the z3 screen changes color as well. Any suggestions? Possible that I need an HDMI back to analog(RCA) adapter? Wanting to keep all the connections hid in console & if that's the case I am running out of power ports.

    Awesome board, thanks for the help

    Joel S.
    05-28-2014 03:58 PM

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