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    I have rooted my phone but I still have the stock rom just with a few small changes.

    What's happening is that while I'm on a call on the last couple of days (nothing has changed in that time that I know of), when I answer a call and put my phone up to my ear so the proximity sensor blacks the screen... If I pull the phone away from my face, the screen wakes up to my home screen rather than the stock phone app with options for showing the dialing pad, etc. This has made choosing options on menus on calls to my doctor very difficult. I can't pull down the tray and go into the dial pad. I have to hit the phone app on my home screen and pick an option, "use dialpad" or "open current call" or something like that, and a third option I don't remember. It is just a lot of work I never had to do before. It used to just go back into the call screen when I pulled the phone away from my ear.

    I have looked everywhere for a setting that might control what happens when I pull the phone away while still on a call, but I can't find anything, anywhere.

    Any help would be super awesome. Thanks. ☺

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    07-07-2014 09:20 PM

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