1. kitkatruinedmyphone's Avatar
    When is there going to be an update to fix the update? Since May when this update forced itself onto my phone the only thing my phone is good at these days is draining the battery rapidly. Everything else went from being a smart phone to a stupid phone. Its basically a useless bug filled POS.

    Oh, I forgot, it falls asleep well and I have to either wear out the buttons trying to wake it up or I have to wear out the plastic back removing the battery and resetting it. You people are class 1 Jerks for forcing out this horrible update without any Q&A. I have reset the settings and reformatted the phone and nothing helps, oh, the other thing its good at is dropping WiFi signal and overheating for no apparent reason.
    07-22-2014 03:26 PM
  2. NotBrokeDontFix's Avatar
    I agree, this update is junk for my s3. What happened to the color in the battery icon? Are we back in the stone ages when they didn't have color? And what is the deal with all the girlyhomo icons in the keyboard? If schit isn't broken why must you phuk with it? And why can't I see my lock screen when the music player is going after turning the screen off and back on? Now it's just some plain lame blue screen. The little box on top of the screen worked just fine!! Plus, when i type "i" by it's self then put a space after it, why the phuk don't it capitalize it anymore? This update blows so much azz I'm smashing my phone with a hammer after this post and sending it to Google and telling them to shove it up their phuking asses cuz that's all it's good for. If you're gonna force bullschit updates on people, at least give them the option to uninstall it since it sucks donkey koch!! I will NEVER!!!! buy another android phone and i will not let any family members or friends either. This has happened multiple times before and it just keeps getting worse. Oh look another "i" that isn't auto capitalized!! Here comes Mr.Hammer! Google/andriod can phuk off and enjoy pissing people off cuz I'm done with both.
    07-22-2014 03:59 PM
  3. Graymayre's Avatar
    Take it to best buy and let them use their Smart flash tool to flash it to stock KK. This will resolve any update discrepancies you may have had that caused this.
    10-23-2014 06:01 AM
  4. therightnow's Avatar
    Well that was constructive...
    10-23-2014 09:39 AM

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