1. boos1906's Avatar
    Hey guys I'm trying to email a video. When they receive the email it says this message contains no content! Any ideas? Thanks for the help
    07-30-2014 04:27 PM
  2. boos1906's Avatar
    Also when I take videos, no matter how long they are it says the file is to large to send via txt! I've tried taking like a two second video and still get the same message
    07-30-2014 04:29 PM
  3. twindragons187's Avatar
    In video settings, change it to a different(lower resolution) and then try

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    07-30-2014 06:01 PM
  4. boos1906's Avatar
    That fixed it! I set it to the lowest resolution, and still can't txt very long videos. Guess I will just have to use email
    07-30-2014 08:06 PM

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