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    Hey there, here's my situation

    First attempt with a custom ROM for the Verizon GS4. I rooted with towelroot and installed safestrap recovery. I flashed on Hyperdrive RLS15 through Safestrap after reading up on it. After it didn't load Hyperdrive using one of the ROM slots, I read up that safestrap no longer recommended using the ROM slots as some ROMS were not loading. I performed another back-up (to try to be safe), and reflashed on Hyperdrive onto the 'stock' ROM slot per safestrap recommendation.

    Now I am stuck in a boot loop. The 'Samsung Galaxy' logo comes on, but never goes any further. I am not able to load into recovery with the volume up-home-power button, and I am not able load safestrap. I do not have ODIN or any other recovery program installed.

    10-22-2014 12:28 PM
  2. Beef_Curtains's Avatar
    update: I'm able to boot into Android system recovery but wipe data/factory reset and wiper cache partition did not help... Is there a way to reinstall the stock ROM/firmware onto the phone while in recovery mode?
    10-22-2014 03:35 PM

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