1. Allyman's Avatar
    Since my last update my Verizon Galaxy S4 can't connect to my PC. When I connect with USB cable, I hear the tone as if it connects, but the PC doesn't recognize the phone. The only device my PC "sees" is in Devices and Printers, it shows an Android Modem. Regardless, I can't open that either.
    I've tried different USB cables and tried my phone on 3 different PCs and it still doesn't connect. Other S4s connect to the PC so it's not the PC, Drivers or the USB cables. I think it may be the MTP settings but I don't know how to access that on this particular S4.
    Can anyone offer any solution? Thank you!
    12-06-2014 11:50 AM
  2. Rukbat's Avatar
    There are no settings, it's either MTP or PTP. If the computer sees another Samsung phone with that cable, bring the phone into Verizon and ask them to fix it. Their update broke it, so it's their problem. (If they can't fix it, the phone is under warranty, so they'll have to replace it, so make sure everything is backed up [to an SD card, or use something like WiFi File Transfer to back files up to a computer].)
    12-06-2014 12:05 PM
  3. Allyman's Avatar
    I took my phone back to the Verizon store, they hooked it up to their computer and supposedly "reset" my USB configuration. I was told to take it home and connect it to my PC and I'd see that the phone would now be recognized.

    Ya right. It still doesn't work so I going back to the store to see what else they can do to fix this!
    12-08-2014 11:06 AM
  4. Solomon_Man's Avatar
    I had a similar issue...

    I did something similar to the following; (pulled from another post)

    This is how I enabled USB
    Unplug phone from PC.
    Enable Developer Options:
    Scroll down to the "greyed out" "BUILD NUMBER"
    and tap it 5 times (mine was 7), you will see little
    alerts telling you how many more times to tap.
    Now go back to:
    MENU>SETTINGS>DEVELOPER OPTIONS should be visible now!
    Under developer options settings, check the box "USB DEBUGGING"
    Next download the Samsung Galaxy USB drivers onto
    your PC.
    Download Center: Download Software, Firmware, Drivers & Manuals | Samsung
    Choose your model and carrier.
    Install and reboot.

    My phone then auto identified but took a little bit of time.

    One thing I would like to add....I double checked the above today (which I saved the steps in a email) and I see my USB debugging is now off. If I turn it back on it does the exact same thing it did before not identify on my PC.

    Hope this helps,
    12-10-2014 05:30 PM

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