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    By extracting the files from the OC1 firmware and re-tar-ing the recovery.img and ODINing it to the phone gave me a good recovery. Fixed phone from there using recovery.

    From what I read it was problems with the tar-ed files. Extracting and re-tar-ing them worked!

    I restored my S4 and had 5.01 on it using Kies.Then I screwed it up badly (I forgot how).
    I'm using ODIN, a 16GB PIT file, and a stockrecovery to restore it.
    It goes part way (green bar, and some green on the phone) then stops, FAIL (Auth). I tried the NAND erase option too.
    I've tried every file/option I can find.
    Any help would be greatly appreciated or direction to where the 'best' expert hides.
    Thanks, Bo Barry abarry@carolina.rr.com

    I'll even send some PayPal $$ for the solution - I hate to trash this nice phone because of my stupid mistake.
    08-18-2015 03:17 PM

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