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    Hi all
    I have seen this problem after hours of searching the web. Many have it but I have not found any S4 posts. The remedy listed for other models dont work for me since my settings are different and I dont have the setting that would have to be changed.

    My S4 is new, is a Verizon prepaid but I took it to AT+T right away (long story)
    It has 5.0.1 is a SCH-i545pp

    Every time I get an incoming call in the log the number looks like this +123 45 67 89 0 (of course not a real number here) but the format is like that and that prevents me from redialing the number back its a real pain. I have seen the exact same complaint for Note 2 and HTC's and others but not the S4.
    I cant try their fixes because the settings they say to change are not available on my phone. FYI- my daughter has the same phone (bought it with me when she was visiting over thanksgiving) took hers to AT+T too but hers works. The only difference is she is in another state.
    This is driving me nuts does anyone have a suggestion? AT+T just says they dont guarantee a phone from another carrier but my daughter has the exact same phone and hers works. We even bought them at the same time and the same Walmart. Hers has the same OS just has a build date one week before mine.
    Thanks in advance
    12-30-2015 02:43 PM

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