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    Ok, so sunday 1-10-16, my phone died, before i could get it on the charger it, it completed died and shut off. so i then plugged it up to the charger and nothing was happening, no charging, no lights nothing at all. so i started simple and found a different charger, try a few different ones laying around nothing worked. no one in my house has the same phone as me, but i did find another samsung galaxy prime or whatever its called, well its battery was much smaller, but i was able to wedge my battery in and i noticed in a matter of seconds it went from 0% to 2% to 6% say in a matter of 20-35 seconds. so i then put the battery back in my phone and didnt try to turn it on but did plug the charger up to finish charging, it ended up back charging the battery, so now the battery is completely drained. i do not have the charger that came with the phone. i however have ordered 2 replacement batteries and 2 samsung fast active chargers. has anyone else had this problem? prior to this my phones battery would get hot, i already had the phone replaced once due to that issue but never replaced the battery. im pretty sure i dont have a problem with the on/off switch because i've never had any early issues turning it on and off, i was thinking it's either the battery because it would turn my phone into a hot plate, or maybe a slim chance it being the charging input.

    when i was at work, i took the battery out for a while and came back to it and it lit up on the charger, buzzed, then charged.. checked on it hours later and it was dead again.
    01-12-2016 11:48 AM
  2. ff2co42481's Avatar
    so, if i put the battery in the other phone, it will charge to 3-6% maybe more if i hold it there, then once in the my phone, the phone starts to get hot and will not charge, but if the battery is charged the phone will turn on it. also noticed the battery charge went from 3% to 100% before i took it out of the other phone. any ideas?
    01-12-2016 07:56 PM
  3. Sgooter's Avatar
    Is there a Batteries Plus store in your area? They will check out your battery for free - take the charger with you too. Their replacement battery is $40-$50.
    01-15-2016 08:34 AM

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