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    Some of you may find this of interest:
    I'm on contract with Verizon for 4 more months, and I plan to switch later on to Cricket and use my Verizon-branded GS4 (SCH-i545). Cricket's web site has a phone compatibility checker, and my Verizon GS4 shows as being non-compatible. So, I wasn't sure if this phone would work OK for me on Cricket, but I confirmed today that it does. My data use averages only about 600MB/month, so I don't care about 4G LTE reception, and this phone is known to have questionable compatibility for 4G LTE when using Band 4 - AWS on Cricket's AT&T GSM network. This phone is fully compatible for 2G and 3G on Cricket's AT&T network, which is all I need.
    So, today a Cricket sales rep installed her Cricket SIM and Cricket's APN in my phone and I immediately received HSPA+ data (3G data sort of) from Cricket's network, and text, phone calls and wi-fi internet all worked fine. The phone still showed the Verizon splash screen at start up (as it should) and notified me that a non-Verizon SIM was in the phone, but everything (except 4G LTE) was working smoothly on the Cricket network.
    This brief test also confirms that my Verizon GS4 is SIM unlocked, which I've heard is the norm for most Verizon phones. Verizon's service has been fine, but Cricket's service will work OK for me at half the cost of Verizon's service.
    02-02-2016 03:08 PM

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