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    I wanted to get in on unlimited data before Verizon ended it so I changed over from Sprint to Verizon on 7-5-11 and my Thunderbolt came today, which since the order was placed on the 5th the computer showed it as unlimited data for 29.99 which I was not too worried about that.

    Called to have my number ported in from Sprint was on hold for about 30 minutes until the lady answered she sounded tired and on edge. I said I would like to port my number over to which I could tell by her voice she was happy. I said let me guess all day long you have been hearing OMFG unlimited data what happened to it. She laughed and said yes the supervisors have been working all day with trouble tickets getting the late people changed over onto unlimited data. I asked the rep. so....... unlimited data is not gone yet? She said if complain enough and they put in a ticket you know things get "fixed" so really no its not dead but it is on its death bed on life support there will be a point when the supervisors have enough and stop it.

    So folks unlimited data is hiding in the back room on life support. Just have to complain enough for a ticket to be put in which I didnt need but one rep. let it slip during a number port transaction.

    Now for the main thing. I have had my thunderbolt on all of 12 hours and their website meter is showing I have already used 1.2GB of data. All I have done in that 12 hours besides the phone sitting there and texting is watch 2 hours of hulu on my laptop. SO all I have to say is if the meters are working right on their site those people are going to SCREAM when they get their next months bill if roughly 24 hours of just the phone being on equals 1GB of data. LOL LOL
    07-08-2011 03:10 AM
  2. 1Brite1's Avatar
    Same thing happened to me on my Sprint EVO account. It showed most months around 22GB...the second month was almost 45GB. But, that month I did use a lot of Pandora. There was a great article the other day explaining how much data the phones use. It said if you listen to Pandora in HD for one hour a day for thirty days, that alone would almost equal 20GB!
    I did the same as you, but I also ordered two phones for my parents. They were ordered on Monday(holiday), supposed to get here by Wednesday(my did-theirs didn't), so even though I had them on the unlimited plan, when I went to activate theirs, the unlimited plan was no longer available. So, I will be calling today as I can't even change their features online. Weird.
    07-08-2011 06:14 AM