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    Hi all,

    I have 3 HTC Rezounds on my account at the moment and would like to remove one. My son has been caught sending and receiving dirty pictures from girls at school, and surfing the internet for adult content. Now the realistic part of me says he will find another way to do it, but the parent part of me says that since I am the one paying his phone bill, I want him to have the cheapest, most basic phone out there. A friend of mine said she used to go to Walmart and buy prepaid phones (because her husband frequently lost his) and then go to the Verizon store to have it activated on her account. The phone's cost about 30$ and Verizon took about 5 minutes to activate it onto her husband's line. Is this still possible? I live about 2 hours away from a Walmart and a Verizon store so I will have to wait for my next trip out there to do anything if I can. (Yes, I live in BFE. Yes I hate it here. it was a huge mistake to move here. YES we are moving sometime this summer to live in a real city again) I just want to know what my options are here. I can't cancel his stupid line because I really would like him to have a phone in case of emergencies. I just don't want him having access to internet or picture mail. I am not looking to spend very much. I was hoping for less than 50$. Can anyone give me some suggestions or ideas?
    01-12-2013 06:28 PM
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    Why not buy a used dumb phone off ebay that is vzw compatible and have it added into your account. A call into vzw customer service can do it over the phone for you, no need to drive into town.

    I've got a dumb phone without a camera that I'd trade you for the rezound :-)

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    01-12-2013 06:31 PM
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    Lol thanks for the offer but I won't be getting rid of his Rezound. It will be my back up phone since I know that I'll end up dropping and destroying mine at some point. Is it really that simple though? Just order a dumb phone and call Verizon to have them switch them out? Do I need to look for "unlocked" or one with or without a SIM card?
    01-12-2013 06:42 PM
  4. Jerry Hildenbrand's Avatar
    Just throwing this out there --
    You're going to be hard pressed to find a phone that your son can't just install opera on and surf WAP porn sites. Most dumb phones can do this, almost all "messaging" phones can.

    Maybe looking for a phone with no Wifi, and having Verizon suspend data on his account is a better option.

    I'll resist any urges to tell you that you're wrong, because it is your child and it's great to see parents that care. Also -- it's none of my business
    I'll also proactively suggest everyone else do the same.
    01-12-2013 07:15 PM
  5. mjp9775's Avatar
    Thanks. I will definitely be suspending data on his account. He won't even have the phone unless he is going snowboarding, or camping. I just want him to be able to get in touch with me (and vice versa) in case of emergency. Other than that, he isn't touching a phone until he moves out and buys his own haha.
    01-12-2013 07:51 PM
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    First off, does his line have unlimited data? If so, you don't want to lose that so we will need to look at other options....

    If his line does not have unlimited data, then it is as simple as buying el cheapo dumb phone from where ever (i don't know if Verizon prepaid phones can be activated on a regular line....). Once you get the phone, go to Verizon online, sign into My Verizon and follow the steps to switch devices on his line. All done online. No need to talk to anyone.

    Then go into features and block all data on his line.


    I would suggest a non camera phone and blocking picture messages.

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    01-16-2013 06:05 PM
  7. Bond32's Avatar
    I would say if it wasn't unlimited, you could also get the absolute minimum data package. Not sure what it is, but if he's looking up pron then it will run through data quick. Could always get on Hotspot but just an idea.

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    01-16-2013 08:33 PM
  8. Jude526's Avatar
    I also suggest talking to the girls' parents if you know who they are. Verizon used to have parent control options as well....ask if they still do. I sold Verizon and set it up a lot.

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    01-21-2013 11:23 PM
  9. Jude526's Avatar
    Also put parental controls on your home internet
    glad to see proactive parents.

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    01-21-2013 11:24 PM
  10. fofjjsr's Avatar
    A friend of mine said she used to go to Walmart and buy prepaid phones (because her husband frequently lost his) and then go to the Verizon store to have it activated on her account.
    This won't work. A prepaid phone has to be active on a prepaid account for six months before it can be activated on a post paid account. I personally would look at privately owned Verizon Retailers because they carry certified like new and used phones. Corporate stores only carry new phones now. Ebay could be an option too. I recently bought a flip phone off ebay to put on an unused line that I have for emergency purposes. Works like a charm. Paid about $35.

    Edit: I know this isn't very practical, but you could also block his data. You can do it, but would still be paying for it. So it's not really worth it. But it is an option.
    01-29-2013 09:42 PM

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