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    We've received an official statement from Verizon on the ongoing Nexus 7 LTE / Verizon saga, a story that has gone silent in the months since Verizon promised the device was being certified for the network. Today, we've finally been given official word from Big Red on what the problem is, and let me say: you're not going to like it.

    According to a Verizon spokesperson, during certification it was discovered that the Nexus 7 had a "systems issue" that presumably would have caused it to fail Verizon's testing. Asus and Google, instead of choosing to fix the issue, have opted to freeze the certification process until the Nexus 7's KitKat update rolls out, presumably in the coming weeks. Just how long the certification will take beyond that time, we weren't told.

    Here's the full statement from Verizon.

    During the certification process for the Nexus 7, Google, Asus and Verizon uncovered a systems issue that required Google and Asus to undertake additional work with the Jelly Bean OS running on the device. Since Google was about to launch its new Kit Kat OS, rather than undertake this work, Google and Asus asked Verizon to suspend its certification process until Google's new OS was available on the Nexus 7.

    As such, you'll probably still be waiting several weeks, if not substantially longer, before you can activate your Nexus 7 on Verizon's LTE network. We've asked Verizon for clarification on what the systems issue referred to was and when we can expect the update / certification to happen, though I wouldn't hold my breath on a detailed reply to either inquiry.

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