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    So I shuffled through all the threads and can't find any info on how to do what I want to do. Here's where I'm at:

    Line 1 - Unlimited Data - eligible for upgrade
    Line 2 - Unlimited Data - eligible for upgrade
    Line 3 - No data, Month to month dumb phone

    All on the old nationwide talk/text plan

    I ultimately want to get new phones for the 2 unlimited lines and drop the third line. I added the third line recently to bounce alternate upgrades off of and then transfer the phones back to the unlimited lines. When I go through myverizon i don't get an option to transfer upgrades, and all three lines are labeled as "eligible." When I go through the iconic portal, i can transfer upgrades but when I get to the point where I chose a plan I get a notification saying that I can't keep unlimited. I'm confused on weither this means I can't use unlimited on the new line, or if I'll lose unlimited from the donating line. Is the fact that the dumbphone is month to month and not in contract the issue?

    If so, can i buy a new phone on the month to month, transfer the phone to anunlimited line, then use the alternate upgrades from the 2 lines then? I'll end up with an extra phone and a dumbphone line on contract for 2 years at 9.99?

    TL;DR: I want to keep 2 lines with unlimited. How do I do that?
    Are you doing it on the desktop version of the website? It should give you the option to transfer upgrade when you choose the upgrade option on the left side. It worked for me before but I don't have an upgrade available to try it out.

    Also, the non unlimited line must be under contract, otherwise you can't transfer the upgrade. After upgrading the non unlimited line, you can then transfer the upgrade from the unlimited lines. After you are done, either put a dumb phone on the line or ask Verizon to put a test device on the line (no physical phone). You may have to block data on the dumb phone line to get rid of the data charge, but you should only have to pay $10 plus taxes and fees for the dumb phone line.

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