01-23-2013 09:26 PM
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  1. AFirefighter's Avatar
    Here in West Chester, PA 4G just turned on this morning it seems!
    05-22-2012 09:57 AM
  2. bornbreadcheesehead's Avatar
    Vrz. Tech. told me you 4g reaches out twice as far as 3g,that means over 10 miles from tower

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    07-09-2012 11:20 PM
  3. dberry74's Avatar
    Just got 4G for a little bit in Palm Bay, FL. Just in time for my Galaxy S3!
    07-10-2012 03:08 PM
  4. ydjk58's Avatar
    After 2 nights of them testing in Williamsport, PA it appears to be on as of noon today. Finally got it at my house vs just work, which is about 2 miles away.
    07-18-2012 12:09 PM
  5. kenrru's Avatar
    4G just turned on in Bend, OR

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    10-17-2012 08:31 PM
  6. natehoy's Avatar
    LTE apparently got turned in in Augusta, Maine, but instead of making it contiguous coverage with Portland, ME and down to Virginia, they appear have decided to leave a 25-mile gap along the interstate. And, of course, my house is smack dab in the middle of that gap.

    It wouldn't bother me that much - 3G speeds used to be OK and I don't need fast data when I'm out and about (I have WiFi at home and work). So 4G isn't a huge deal to me.

    Unfortunately, when 4G was introduced in Portland earlier this year, 3G speeds dropped considerably. I'm now getting 600 kpbs down and 200 kbps up at best, making my wife's "Faux" G connection look blindingly fast by comparison. And I'm finding my phone on 1XRTT a lot more often in the past few weeks (which I took as a hopeful sign that LTE might be activated on my nearby towers).

    Water, water, everywhere, but nary a drop to drink.

    Update 3/19/2013: Just got back from a trip to Millinocket - where I got solid 4G coverage miles from the Interstate. Still no 4G on the stretch of I95 where I live - halfway between the two largest cities in Maine. Very odd gap to leave. I keep hoping that the unreliable signal and drops to 1XRTT and dropped calls and connections means they are putting LTE in soon, but even in the LTE areas connectivity is starting to have problems. I think Big Red overreached their backbone around here.
    10-18-2012 08:47 AM
  7. racingbmwm3's Avatar
    LTE turned on last Friday in Port Townsend, WA. The switchover was awful on Saturday with lots of data drops and even voice drops. I've been waiting to post until it has been on for 3 days with a consistent signal. They've been testing elsewhere along the Olympic Peninsula, have yet to turn it on permanently though.

    Verizon's LTE coverage (at launch)-2012-11-30-16.39.33.png
    12-04-2012 06:11 PM
  8. dabaum's Avatar
    I live in Reno NV where we've hade LTE for quite a while now, but I travel to Bishop and Mammoth Lakes CA a couple of times a month and today I just noticed 4G LTE in Mammoth Lakes (Bishop still on 3g). Speeds aren't amazing 16Mbps up and 13 Mbps down but still pretty awesome since neither town has high speed anything. Good job Verizon, keep up the good work.

    P.S. How do you post screen shots? I'm using the mobile website.
    01-23-2013 09:26 PM
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